Social Media Marketing

"We've got to be on Facebook now, now, now!", shouted your boss. "Haven't you got a Twitter account for your company? Where have you been?", said your son.

Looks great, but where and how do you start? You don't have time to "hang around" in these networks and take the learning curve.

3D-Rex Studios is the shortcut.

Being a web design and development company since 1996, we have been hanging around, learning, testing, improving and sharpening our skills to successfully communicate in these networks

Certain content works better in LinkedIn, other business goals may better be pursued in Facebook. Forums? Blogs? Twitter?

3D-Rex professionals will answer these questions. With a solid advertising and corporate communications background, you can be reassured that social media marketing is working to your advantage.

Viral Marketing

A combined a viral campaign done by us can reach around 1.5 million users in less than 24 hours. We don't buy user data rather maintain lists ourselves. We have different target groups that can be categorized by

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Geographical Location
  • Interests, Hobbies
  • Profession
  • Language and other criteria

How to Start a Social Media Campaign?

Viral campaigns use social media marketing to advertise a certain brand or product. This message itself is done in an unusual, unconventional often times funny way. The goal is an “epidemic” spread –similar to word-of-mouth advertising. The difference is that with word-of-mouth advertising the spread initiates from a neutral character. The term “viral”, however, means that the information about a product or service are passed on from one user to the next in a very short time similar to a virus that is being passed on. Viral campaigns use different methods to publicize the message, e.g. flyers, film clips, posts in Internet blogs or forums.

Ads on TV are clearly understood as advertisement. Viral ads on the Internet, if cleverly made, often are not immediately recognized as such. That means that consumers see something that they like or find interesting and pass it on to their peers. 

The key is creativity, surprise, but always bearing in mind a possitive association with your brand. Involving experienced communications professionals ensures this. Social media marketing is not about just making noise in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn simultaneously!