Search Engine Optimization

This is still the most prevalent phrase when a business owner thinks about "getting more visits to my website". Optimization means modifying a certain page or pages in your website so that a specific phrase or concept is prioritarily picked up by search engines when indexing it. So when people look for that phrase, you have higher chances of being found.

Is that all? Certainly not. That's just the tip of the iceberg. What does a serious SEO company do for its clients?

Client SEO Campaign Results

WW Pedestals:
SEO campaign delivering
High Return On Investment.


3D-Rex Studios is running a comprehensive Online Marketing program for, one of the nation's leading pedestals manufacturer for retail stores and art galleries.

3D-Rex Studios was able to improve the site's traffic 2,800% and overall sales 300%.

Growing Web Traffic:

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Google First Page Ranking:

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Chipman Design Architecture: SEO campaign growing organic traffic.


3D-Rex Studios is optimizing all website content for this prestigious retail architecture firm. Traffic has been steadily increasing, achieving a 2,200% growth.We are are also actively seeking the best directories and industry related websites to expand the quantity and quality of their inbound links. We perform a manual review and screening process where only high PageRank, architecture related websites are considered for linking.

Growing Web Traffic:

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Google First Page Ranking:

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The Full Picture

Beyond SEO optimization strategies, like link building or on-page factors optimization, an SEO company should analyze your company position in the marketplace:

Are you targeting the consumer, the industrial or the business market?
Are you marketing to a premium segment or a cost-conscious segment?
What factors do your customers consider when purchasing your products or services?
What are the steps involved?
What product lines bring you the most revenue?

This helps direct our efforts to the areas that bring the highest return on investment.

Which keywords bring in the most visitors, but most important, which ones generate the most sales?
Which keywords are best to optimize via SEO as opposed to PPC (pay per click) systems like Adwords or Bing Ads?
What web directories are worth being present on? A hundred low traffic blogs and forums or a handful high traffic, industry related portals?
How can success be measured for each?

Delegate these time consuming tasks, monitoring hundreds of keywords, websites and other variables, to an SEO company with 15 years experience in web development AND web marketing and advertising.

Search Engine Marketing

3D-Rex Studios offers the option of modular online marketing. The following elements can be booked either individually or as a package:

  • Keyword optimization
  • Search engine submission and monitoring
  • Link building
  • Conversion rate optimization: why don't people buy? Where do they get stuck? How can we lead them back into the sales funnel? How can we make it easier for them to buy?

You can increase your advertising budget (more traffic), you can make your website a more efficient sales outlet (more purchases or higher ticket per visitor)...or you can do both.

At 3D-Rex Studios we provide our clients with the latest trends and strategies and best practices for online marketing and advertising. Over the years we have assisted clients improve their visibility on the Internet with numerous campaigns ranging from local, regional, national and international SEO efforts. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business!