Web Application Programming


One of our core competencies include developing customized Web and middleware applications. We also offer a workflow for maintenance and updates, quality assurance and control, plus marketing and statistical tools to evaluate your website’s performance.

Our technical expertise in web application programming includes mastering all relevant coding standards, as well as connection and integration with existing databases.


web application programming

Easy To Maintain Yourself

Nowadays you’ll find numerous offers on the Internet that promise “Package Deals” for website design, maintenance and upgrades for an initial fee plus recurring monthly retainer costs. The retainer fees that web application programmers charge can easily end up in the thousands by the end of the year. 

At 3D-Rex Studios we have the philosophy that our clients shouldn’t pay for services that they either don’t need, don’t want or can accomplish themselves. Although the initial costs of web application programming might be slightly higher than a standard website, the savings when it comes to weekly, monthly or annual maintenance is really significant. 

With our CMS 3D-Rex clients can add, delete and modify textual content, graphics, Flash files, video files, other Multimedia file types; all this through an easy front-end editing platform that has much of the functionality of standard office products (e.g. MS Word®). Users then can even preview the changes before saving them and going “live”. These are only a few basic functionality elements of CMS systems we at 3D-Rex Studios have developed. On a more complex level we can tap into many APIs to create seamless workflows with our clients’ existing software applications. 

Robust and Flexible Content Management System

At 3D-Rex Studios we believe that the separation of these three elements in web application programming offers significant advantages during the life cycle of a website – and even beyond. First we design the layout of a website, add modules to it or even re-launch without having to extract content, which at a later point has to be reinserted again - Design, Layout and Content are arranging themselves.

The result is a robust CMS (Content Management System), which assists in creating and maintaining websites and handles all Internet relevant publishing formats.