Exhibition Booth Design

3D-Rex Studios helps clients to present their products and services at national and international trade shows and exhibitions thru highly effective and creative exhibition booth design concepts.

We at 3D-Rex and our sister company 4D Artists believe that 3D renderings of your design help to eliminate the chance for design interpretation issues. Contractors understand projects better, and this takes some of the guesswork out of bidding. Better communication leads to more accurate bids.



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Custom Booth Design

Effective exhibition booth designers take into consideration many factors including corporate identity, your current advertising strategy, the venue location and visitor profile, your booth location and visitor flow and what goals you want to accomplish, and then create the most impactful and efficient way to attract visitors and engage them with your brand.

Just as it is for architects and designers, every project we do is different from the next, and the cost involved depends entirely on the work involved.

Contact us for more details on some recent projects and the final costs involved with them. This will give you a ballpark, good faith idea of what a typical project can involve.