Collateral Design &
Promotional Merchandise

3D-Rex Studios designs your collateral, stationery and promotional merchandise in-house and works with local, national and international vendors to make your campaign or event stand out.

We can guarantee a short turn-around time on all standard items such as promotional merchandise such as pens, hats, shirts, cups, mugs, glasses, key chains, etc.

Special order items such as preloaded MP3 players, other electronic items like branded TVs, portable radios, head phones, miscellaneous items like umbrellas, wrapped fleet (cars & trucks), large scale banners and signs, sun sails, toys, etc. might take up to four weeks of lead time. Please call us with your inquiry!

Promotional Shirts, Flyers, Cards
Event Campaign
Promotional Caps, Shirts
National Campaign


Promotional Lanyards,
Key Chains

International Campaign
Custom MP3 Players
with Soundbank
International Campaign
Hemp bags, Metal Invitations, Beer Coolers
Event Campaign
Pens, Stationary, Key Chains, Coasters
Event Campaign)