Branding and
Corporate Identity

3D-Rex Studios assists clients worldwide with establishing brand awareness and strengthening brand recognition. A CI (Corporate Identity) that has as its foundation an open and transparent communication, a recognizable design and ethical behavior will lead to success.

The Corporate Identity process starts by identifying the company's inner culture and market vision, and combining it with a distinctive communication concept that is relevant to the brand, unique and memorable. Building brand awareness starts with branding design: a design manual is generated, where all logo uses and general design criteria such as use of color, fonts and space are specified. Applications cover not only print but also web and other media. This ensure the brand is consistently communicated and overall impact on the intended target is reinforced.

corporate identity

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corporate identity example
(click graphic // Deep House Cat - Logo Concept #1)


logo examples
(click graphic // Deep House Cat - Logo Concept #2)

Corporate Identity Examples

This is a series of logo concepts for an internationally streamed dance radio show. After a few rounds of revision the client chose # 3.


(click graphic // Deep House Cat - Logo Concept #3)