Why Choose 3D-Rex?


Industry Diversity

3D-Rex Studios serves clients in various industries such as automotive, pharmaceutical, chemical, medical, retail, financial, telecommunication, manufacturing, professionals such consultants, doctors, attorneys, fine artists, musicians and non-profit organizations.

Customer Support

3D-Rex Studios offers the highest degree of customer assistance and support to all of its clients. The studio has been holding a <<Complaint Free “A”>> rating with the Better Business Bureau since it joined the BBB in 2003. The response time to client e-mails is less than eight hours. 3D-Rex Studios has a server emergency department that deals directly with the clients’ hosting company to resolve 3rd party outages and malfunctions immediately. The studio’s dedicated staff will work on resolving any issue to the client’s satisfaction – guaranteed.

Language Capabilities

3D-Rex has in-house staff that is fluent in English, French, Spanish and German. Being able to write or speak with a client in his native tongue enables 3D-Rex Studios to interact without language barriers. This makes communication with the client easier, more efficient and accurate so nothing gets lost in translation.

Global Approach

3D-Rex Studios is not limited to serve clients in a specific geographical area. Being located in the Chicagoland area the studio has clients in the United States of America, Canada, South America, Europe; primarily Germany, Switzerland, Austria, U.K., Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy and Spain, as well as southern Africa, India, China, Japan, other Asian countries as well as Australia. The firm’s staff is capable of traveling nationally and internationally to serve its clients better. 3D-Rex Studios also has service and sales staff located in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, the U.K., Argentina and India.


3D-Rex Studios not only offers competent New Media solutions, but also competitive and affordable pricing on projects of every size – guaranteed.