Company History


The business was founded in 1998 in Gurnee, IL near Chicago by Philipp Eirich and Melanie Sherman. Doing business as PDPBProductions, the studio mainly designed websites for individuals and small businesses in the greater Chicago area.


In June 2000 the name PDPBProductions was changed to AniRex (Ani=Animation, [lat.] Rex =King). New services were added, including new media and multimedia solutions, animation for the worldwide Web, and CD-Rom presentations.

3DRex & AniRex Studios

The expansion into the 3D world is responsible for our most recent name change to 3DRex & AniRex Studios in October of 2003, which is the name the business is incorporated under.

Usually we are doing business as 3D Rex Studios, 3D-Rex Studios or simply 3D-Rex.

3D-Rex Studios permanently screens the online community and uses trend-scouting techniques to “sniff out” technical and communication trends. The studio also conducts in-house research and development.


PDPBProdcutions - 1998

AniRex & PDPBProductions - 2001

3D-Rex & AniRex Studios - 2005