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Visualizing Business Development through our IT and design professionals
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Portfolio: Chipman Design Architecture

Chipman Design Architecture, Des Plaines: 3D-Rex Studios has been commissioned to plan and run an extensive SEO and Social Network campaign and to revamp the current website and give it facelift!

Portfolio: Alcatel-Lucent


Alcatel-Lucent, Switzerland: 3D-Rex Studios has been commissioned to develop a Database Application that analyzes raw CSV data to be automatically converted into accurate reports (Reporting Tool and SQL Support)

Portfolio: Oxiris Chemicals

Oxiris Chemicals, Barcelona, Spain: 3D-Rex Studios has been commissioned to develop a new Internt portal. The new precence will include multiple language support for Spanish, Catalan, English and Chinese + many more features!

Portfolio: BioPharma Investigator

BioPharma Investigator

BioPharma Investigator, Lake Villa: 3D-Rex Studios has been hired by G2 Consulting to develop a custom database application featuring a directory for physicians, medical offices and hospitals and more.

Portfolio:Heiber & Schröder USA

Heiber & Schroeder USA

Heiber + Schroeder USA, Cary, IL: 3D-Rex Studios has been commissioned to overhaul Heiber + Schroeder's Internet presence featuring deep social Media integration, videos and brochure downloads + SEO and SEM campaigns.

Portfolio: Blue Marble 3D

Blue Marble 3D

Blue Marble 3D, Des Plaines: The world of visual rendering is one of product and process, of principles as fundamental as shape to procedures ever pushing the power of ingenuity. Blue Marble 3D embodies this dimension!